Welcome to Deli Rouge

Looking forward to Spring

We are looking forward to those first proper glimpses of spring, although the daffodils are adding a nice splash of colour, but despite the weather you will find plenty of hot drinks, warming breakfasts, homemade soup, hearty rolls, and tasty spicy tapas to keep you warm inside and out in the friendly ambience of the deli. 


We have welcomed several new members of staff to the deli, (new, young) Tom, Kiran, Chelsea, Charlotte and Carys, whose bright smiles just add to the warm welcome. Si has disappeared off to New Zealand and his sense of humour is sorely missed, especially at acoustic night! However, Adrian has returned to the fold, albeit in a small, but vital, capacity.


We are hoping to build on the successful theme nights held in the past -  all suggestions welcome! - more details to follow, also on our facebook and twitter pages


Whatever the weather, or the occasion, why not come and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and sample the culinary delights of the deli - we look forward to seeing you