Deli Counter

Over 20 different types of cheese

Cured and roasted meats

Olives ranging from the stuffed variety to pitted and marinated

Sun-dried and sunblushed tomatoes

Fresh anchovy fillets

Pesto, harissa, and hummus

Olive oils, jams, chutneys, local honey, chocolate and much much more!

Cheese we stock at the deli counter

Snowdonia Black Bomber - Welsh mature cheddar

Snowdonia Red Devil - Welsh cheddar infused with peppers and chilli

Snowdonia Green Thunder - Welsh cheddar infused with herbs and garlic

Snowdonia Amber Mist - Welsh cheddar infused with whiskey

Snowdonia Bouncing Berry - Welsh cheddar infused with cranberries 

Snowdonia Pickle Power - Welsh cheddar infused with pickled onion

Applewood Smoked - Somerset white smoked cheddar cheese

Perl Wen Organic - Rich creamy Welsh organic brie

Perl Las Blue Organic - Strong yet delicate Welsh organic blue chesse

Gorgonzola Mountain Aged - Rich, earthy and strong Italian blue cheese 

Buffalo Mozzarella - Creamy, whole flavoured Italian cheese made from Buffalo milk

St Illtyd - Creamy Welsh cheddar infused with white wine and herbs

Harlech - Tangy Welsh cheddar infused with fresh horseradish and parsley

Y-Fenni - Strong Welsh cheddar infused with mustard seeds

Tintern - Chive and shallot infused cheddar

Feta - Greek cheese made from cows, sheeps and goats milk

Halumi - Slightly salty firm cheese made from cows, sheeps and goats milk

Caerfilli - Crumbly, white clean-textured Welsh organic cheese

Manchego - Hard, strong 12-month aged Spanish cheese made from sheeps milk

Goats - Creamy, rich full-flavoured cheese Welsh or French made from goats milk

Gjetost - Caramelized Norwegian goats cheese

Emmental - Pale yellow, medium-hard Swiss cheese  

Brie Rustique - Strong, chalky-textured French brie

Grana Padano - Hard, slightly salty Italian cheese made from raw cows milk

Ricotta - A re-cooked Italian cheese made from sheeps or cows, goats and buffalo's milk

San Simon - Smoked soft Galician cows cheese

Tetilla - Soft creamy Galician cows cheese

(all the above subject to availability)


Salami Sausage, Smoked and Roast Meats

Milano Salami - Mixture of pork and beef, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic

Napoli Salami - Choice pork meat, gently smoked and mixed with herbs and spices

Paprika Coated Salami - Medium grain salami coated in sweet paprika flakes

Onion Coated Salami - Medium grain salami coated with caramelized onions

Green Peppercorn Coated Salami - Medium grain salami coated in fresh green peppercorns

Chorizo - Spicy Spanish sausage, cured and smoked with red peppers and paprika

Pastrami - Brined, partly-dried beef, smoked and seasoned with herbs 

Smoked Turkey - Juicy saddle of lightly smoked turkey

Honey Roast Ham - Sweet roasted ham

Smoked Barvarian Blacky Ham - Cooked and then smoked over wood chips

Prosciutto de Parma Ham - Air-dried Italian ham

Smoked Salmon - Lightly smoked Scottish salmon

Smoked Back Bacon - Thick-cut smoked back Welsh bacon 

Italian Veroni Sausage - Cooking sausages, seasoned with salt, pepper, herbs (gluten free)

Spanish Iberico Chorizo Sausage - Cooking chorizo, spicy, infused with paprika and pepper

Boquerones - Fresh anchovy fillets, marinated in white vinegar and sunflower oil



Olives, Antipasti and Marinated Vegetables

Mistoliva Olives - Marinated Kalamata olives and crunchy green greek olives

Garlic Stuffed Olives - Large green Italian olives stuffed with a crunchy marinated garlic clove

Feta Stuffed Olives - Large green Italian olives stuffed with ricotta and feta

Sun-Dried Tomatoes - Firm juicy plum tomatoes, dried and marinated in olive oil and herbs

Sun-Blushed Tomatoes - Succulent, cherry tomatoes semi-dried and soaked in olive oil and garlic

Grilled Artichokes - Chargrilled and marinated in olive oil, salt and pepper

Sweet Balsamic Onions - Made at the deli using the finest Modena balsamic vinegar

Stuffed Bell Peppers - Red African bell peppers, stuffed with feta and ricotta

Hummus - Smooth, light, and great with our Harissa paste

Harissa - Spicy North African chilli paste. Hot! Hot! Hot! 

Basil Pesto - Fresh basil pesto made with cashews, pine nuts and the best quality olive oil

Stuffed Vine Leaves - Traditional Greek vine leaves stuffed with rice and seeds