Come and enjoy our generous tapas selection, served with fresh bread, balsamic and extra virgin olive oil. Perfect for sharing or indulging on your own, with a nice bottle of our specially selected wine.

We are open for tapas and wine evenings from 4:30pm to 8:30pm every Thursday and Friday

Ideal for sharing
Baked Camembert - with plum and balsamic onion relish and fresh bread

Deli Antipasto Platter - our selection of cold meats, olives, hummus, stuffed peppers, sunblushed tomatoes and stuffed vine leaves, served with bread and olive oil

Cheese Board - choice of 3 cheeses with crackers and chutney
Nacho's Bowl - with melted cheese and Mediterranean chutney
Patchwork pate pot - your choice of patchwork pate, quince paste and chunky toast
Wine by the bottle - buy 2 glasses of house wine and get the rest of the bottle free
 Individual portions      
     Mussels - served cold in a light chilli marinade

Boquerones - white anchovies fillets marinated in oil, garlic and vinegar with smoked paprika

Chilli & Garlic Mushrooms - panfried with chilli paste, garlic & herbs 
Marinated Olives - a mixed selection of our house olives   
Artichoke & Stuffed Peppers - stuffed with feta, drizzled in balsamic 
Hummus & Harissa - creamy hummus and spicy North African chilli paste
Baked Goats Cheese - oven baked with caramelized red onion chutney
Stuffed Vine Leaves - rice stuffed vine leaves drizzled with olive oil
Chorizo, Mushroom & Tomato - panfried in a Mediterranean chutney
Halumi Cheese - panfried with sunblushed tomatoes and sweet onion chutney
Balsamic Onions - with Welsh Perl Las blue cheese
Buffalo Mozzarella - with fresh basil pesto and olive oil
Salami Stack - a selection of cold, thinly sliced, melt in your mouth, salami
Prosciutto de Parma - thinly sliced, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Rustic bread basket - with olive oil and balsamic vinegar