Teenie Weenie Menu

Deli Rouge provides a children's menu which includes breakfast and lunch, so you can keep your favourite roll, salad or soup all to yourself!


We also understand how difficult it can be to find something you know your child will like, so if there is something inparticular that you would like and it doesn't appear on our menu, please just ask a member of our team and we will do our best to meet your culinary requirements.



Toast - served with butter and jam £1.30
Crumpet - served with butter and jam £1.30
Beans on toast - on soft white bread £2.50
Cheese on toast - mild welsh cheddar £2.60
Cup of porridge - organic oats and whole milk £2.20
Egg and soldiers - poached with white toast £2.60
Mini Breakfast - egg, sausage, bacon and toast £3.20
Ham sandwich - Roast ham and crusts off £1.95
Cheese and cucumber - mild cheddar and crusts off £1.95
Cup of soup - Homemade. and served with bread  £2.50
Pesto and bread - fresh basil pesto and soft bread £2.20
Baby-Chino £1.30
Hot (warm) Chocolate £1.50
Teenie Juice - apple, orange, blackcurrent £0.90